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  • Abhyangam:

    Abhyangam is an ayurvedic massage, utilizing warm herbal oil As the oil is massaged into the skin, it penetrates deep into the tissues to loosen toxins (which are fat soluble). Gentle pressure on Marmas while doing massage provides Prana energy to the body and mind which gives ultimate healing.

  • Benefits:

    It is helpful in Vata related disorders, Low Energy, rheumatism, vitality, Stress & in soothing sore, tired or aching muscles. Abhyanga enhances immunity, increases circulation, reduces imbalances,Induces deep relaxation, Nourishes and Rejuvenate skin,improve eyesight, longevity, sound sleep, and eliminate toxins .In short, it rejuvenates the body and maintains the physique.
    It is helpful in Vata related disorders, Low Energy, rheumatism, vitality, Stress & in soothing sore, tired or aching muscles. Abhyanga enhances immunity, increases circulation, reduces imbalances,Induces deep relaxation, Nourishes and Rejuvenate skin,improve eyesight, longevity, sound sleep, and eliminate toxins .In short, it rejuvenates the body and maintains the physique.
    Marma Therapy (Ayurvedic Acupressure) is a healing session to help balance the body's energy points or 'Marmas'. It helps resolve emotional imbalances resulting in increased clarity, strength, calmness, confidence and feelings of self-worth.
    Using pure essential oils, the Marma Point Therapy promotes subtle energy cleansing and rebalancing which restores the memory of wholeness. It is a combination of energy balancing and a light touch over the marma points which is very subtle, yet profoundly relaxing. Marma points are the gateways in the body where the body and mind communicate. By stimulating the marmas, blocks due to stress and improper diet can be dissolved, making the mind body connection even more intimate.helps in Deep relaxation Relaxes nerve ending.

  • Navarakizhi /Elakizhi/ Pinda Sweda Pizhichil

    Navarakizhi/or elakizhi involves treating body with small linen bags filled with Navara (Shastika) or various herbs and medicated powders , after a liberal application of medicated oils. Depending on the kind of disease, this massage is preceded with pizhichill some times. this therapy is of great benefit in atrophy of the muscles, arthritis, weakness of the extremities, inflammation, swelling and tremors. Healthy individuals will benefit from this treatment's anti-aging effects and its ability to prevent disease.
    Pinda Sweda is beneficial in degenerative conditions and can help the body rebuild muscular tissues. Done in a series, it is traditionally used for many neurological and neuromuscular disorders, including MS and Parkinson's, as well as other imbalances, and to promote vitality and longevity. All types of degenerative and nervous disorders, Sciatica, Muscular pain and stiffness in joints. It is used to treat high Vata disorders such as nervous system disorders like multiple sclerosis. It is also a great treatment for athletes because of the application of Bala root which reduces muscular soreness.
    Pizhichil is one of the best Ayurvedic therapy available for body rejuvenation and is often referred as royal and luxurious treatment. A continuous stream of warm herbalized oil is poured over the entire body with a gentle massage. This is one of the special session for rejuvenating the whole body. The Pizhichil is one of the most popular therpies. It is profoundly relaxing and deeply purifying. This is indicated in stiffness and pain of joints and limbs, dislocation of joints, paralytic conditions and in pregnant ladies with a history of uterine inertia in earlier deliveries. this treatment is best for rejuvenation, improving immune system,adding vitality and health to life. It also aids in the healing of rheumatic diseases, blood pressure, pain in the joints and improves endocrine glands.
    This is perhaps one of the most profound blissful therapy used to stabilize the mind and calm the nervous system. A warm stream of medicated oil is poured continuously over the Ajna Chakra, or third eye, to induce an inner journey.
    Shirodhara has been used for thousands of years medicinally to treat insomnia, nervous system disorders, and anxiety. Sirodhara is the best treatment for diseases of the nervous system and for emotional problems such as chronic depression and anxiety (panic) attacks. It is also recommended for chronic headaches, as well as ear, nose and throat problems, and is especially useful for pain management.
    The nasal administration of medication is called Nasyam. Nasya is used in cases of migraine, chronic rhinitis, epilepsy, Trigeminal Neuralgia, Bell's Palsy, Improves memory & eye sight, Insomnia, Elimination of excess Mucus Hyper pigmentation in the face, Pre-mature graying of hair, clarity to voice, Headaches, Hemiplegia, Loss of smell and taste, Frozen shoulder, Migraine, Stiffness of the neck, Nasal Allergies Nasal Polyp, Neurological dysfunctions, Paraplegia, Sinusitis.


    This treatment aims to provide optimum rejuvenation and improve eyesight. Advisable for those spending long hours in front of the computer or those suffering from sore eyes and aches optic nerve weaknesses and dark circles.This helps to relieve tension in the eyes, thus improving eye sight and eliminating pain and fatigue. It brings luster to the eyes and smoothes away wrinkles
    Udwartana is a kind of dry powder herbal paste massage therapy used to reduce fat patches from the body known as cellulites, toning of the muscles, improves blood circulation and eases joint pains. Regular Udvartanam is good for not only cellulites but it helps to lose weight by increasing the basal metabolic rate,drain the lymphatics and exfoliate the body. Good for Kapha imbalances such as lethargy, decreased circulation, body fat, and swelling. The Oshadhi is an Ayurvedic herbal wrap in which first dosha specific oil is applied followed by warm, moist, herbal wrap, A dosha specific full body mask. This therapeutic treatment calms and relaxes while encouraging the elimination of toxins and providing nourishment to the tissues,giving youthfull and healthy skin.
    This is a unique treatment and under this treatment leaves of medicinal plants are boiled and resulting steam is passed to the whole opens up the clogged channels so allowing the body to perspire and release the impurities from the skin. It is excellent for helping aching muscles and joints it enhances flexibility, improves the complexion,maintains proper flow of energy.This method is used after Abhyanga. Aromatherapy oils are also used for a pleasant steam bath and healing effects. » .Udvartana
    » .Oshadhi
    » .Swedanam
    » .Kativasti/ Nabhi Vasti/Chakra Vasti/Hridya Vasti
    » .Beauty Care For Face & Hairs/ Mukhlepa/


    In this process specially prepared warm medicated oil is kept over the affected part with herbal paste boundary. This treatment lasts for 45 minutes to 1 hour and it is good for any type of back pain and spinal disorders, alleviating pain and lubrication helps to bring attention to areas that require healing and attention. For lower back pain in the lumbar and thoracic regions, as well as kidney/adrenal imbalances. It pacifies one of the primary sites of vata, relieving pain, soreness, and tension in that area. Uro Basti: A beautiful ceremonial treatment for conditions of the heart and heart chakara. This treatment focuses on the region over the heart. It helps to nourish, strengthen, and regulate heart functions and emotional blocks asthma, other respiratory problems, heart diseases and muscular chest pain. This therapy also helps to balance the nabhi marma, which is the vital center where all 72,000 nadis (subtle energy pathways) converge. It strengthens the power of digestion and absorption, and facilitates the release of deep seated emotions. It relieves digestive symptoms such as irritable bowel, flatulence, poor appetite, constipation and abdominal discomfort. Shiro Vasthi is beneficial in diseases of the head especially in difficulties arising due to injuries or operations of the head,migraine, deafness,tinnitus, diseases affecting cranial nerves, facial paralysis etc.
    Ayurveda therapy treatments reduce pimples, wrinkles, acne, sagging skin and hair loss. It nourishes, cleanses and beautifies the tissues bringing a smooth youthful glow to the complexion thus reducing wrinkles. This makes the skin soft and glowing. A specialised dosha specific herbal lepa or mask used to cleanse, exfoliate, tone and hydrate the facial skin and bring out the beauty within. In thalapothichil the Herbal oil is applied on the head and massaged. Varthi tied around the head and there after the herbal paste is applied with uniform thickness all over the head, which gets absorbed deeply into the scalp though the roots of the hair. It nourishes, lubricates and strengthens the hair roots and scalp, preventing hair loss, headaches, premature greying and activates pituitary glands. It also improves memory and relaxes the muscles of the face. After 45 minutes the paste is removed andhe head is wiped clean. This treatment is very good in the case of hair loss, dandruff, migraine, insomnia etc